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3 Ways to Maximize HVAC Efficiency

Is your HVAC equipment optimized for efficient performance? Many St. Cloud homeowners pay more in energy costs than they have to. Here’s how HVAC services can give you more bang for your energy buck:

1. Don’t Operate an HVAC Unit with a Grubby Filter

Clean filters are essential for high-efficiency HVAC performance. Replace any filters completely covered by a layer of black or gray gunk. Here’s what those dirty filters do to your HVAC:

  • Clogs prevent filters from trapping additional particles. When the filter is full, dirt blows into your system. There, it can impair performance and damage sensitive parts. Meanwhile, dirt blowing into your living space can contaminate indoor air.
  • Don’t skimp on filter changes because of the cost. Over the long run, you’ll pay many times more in high energy bills, equipment breakdowns and expensive HVAC repairs than you will on HVAC filter replacements.
  • Clogged filters make it harder for your HVAC to push cool air through the ductwork. Your equipment will overwork to maintain the thermostat setting, and it might start short-cycling. HVAC systems can consume stratospheric amounts of energy under those conditions, so your utility bills are likely to skyrocket.

2. Don’t Ignore Ongoing Maintenance Issues

Systems deprived of HVAC maintenance lose a great deal of energy efficiency over time. They also wear out faster. If your unit is performing poorly and also getting old, you might consider replacing it instead of risking it.

3. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Industry insiders know that skipping HVAC maintenance can mean energy bill increases of up to 40 percent. Meanwhile, just one tune-up can increase energy efficiency by 20-30 percent and reduce HVAC breakdowns and repairs by 95 percent.

As a professional HVAC service team, we know firsthand that maintenance determines performance. An Osceola Air tune-up can help you save money instead of spending it.

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