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How Your Commercial HVAC System Impacts Employees in St. Cloud, FL

Business owners in St. Cloud, FL should know that commercial HVAC systems can have consequential impacts on many aspects of a company. Here are just three ways that your commercial HVAC system might affect your employees.

Employee Health

Among their other functions, commercial HVAC systems help remove pollutants from the air in your work environment and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Breathing in cleaner air is good for employees’ respiratory health, while extended time in a low-IAQ environment can cause things like coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, colds, fainting, vomiting and even life-altering diseases like COPD.

Employee Productivity

Employees who feel healthy at work are more likely to enjoy coming to work. Those happy to be at work are more likely to be more productive and generate more value for your business. Furthermore, clean air can encourage mental clarity, which will further increase employee productivity.

By contrast, inhaling low-quality air for hours daily contributes to making people feel sluggish, impairing their cognitive functions (and thus, their productivity). Also, you may notice that employees who work in a space with poor IAQ tend to call in sick more often.

Health Insurance

If your company is of any appreciable size, you probably need to buy health insurance for your workforce. That means that you also need to think about the health implications of commercial HVAC systems and the IAQ they generate from a financial angle.

Put bluntly, employees who breathe clean air may have lower health costs. Considering the poor health effects of long-term exposure to poor IAQ, not maintaining an effective commercial HVAC system may also lead to some of your employees quitting.

If you take care of your commercial HVAC system, you’ll take care of your employees and your business as a whole. Call Osceola Air and schedule your commercial HVAC repair services in St. Cloud, FL.

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