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It’s Time to Prep Your HVAC System for Hurricane Season

Preparing your HVAC system for hurricane season is essential to protect your home and the environment. Not only will it help you avoid costly repairs, but it can also help reduce energy consumption during a power outage. Here are some essential steps you need to take to prep your HVAC system for possible hurricanes in Lake Nona, FL.

Change Your Air Filters

Changing the air filters and replacing them with higher-quality ones can help to prevent dust and debris from entering the system and make it more effective in operation. It’s also important to keep the filter clean to last longer and keep your indoor air quality high. When replacing or cleaning an air filter, remember to choose one that’s the right size and has the correct MERV rating to ensure peak efficiency within your HVAC system.

Invest in Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance can help to reduce the risk of costly repairs or damage due to high winds and heavy rains associated with hurricanes. There are several steps your technician will take when performing seasonal maintenance, such as inspecting all components of the system for wear and tear and checking for any connection issues. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the HVAC system is running at maximum efficiency so that it’s more likely to withstand a hurricane.

Lubricate the Motor Bearings

It is essential to ensure that the motor bearings have adequate lubrication during high winds and heavy rainfall. This helps prevent friction from occurring between moving components, which can cause premature wear and even permanent damage due to heat buildup. Additionally, the lubrication reduces the amount of sound the unit creates, making it less noticeable during periods of high winds. A qualified service technician can check this issue for you and apply more lubricant if necessary.

Taking the time to properly prepare your HVAC system for hurricanes in Lake Nona, FL, is essential and can help you avoid costly repairs or damage due to high winds and heavy rains. While proper maintenance is essential, it’s also necessary to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently. Contact us at Osceola Air for an HVAC inspection, and we’ll help you enjoy the best possible indoor air quality in all seasons.

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