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Ventilation: The Overlooked Part of Your HVAC System in Kissimmee, FL

Many residents of Kissimmee, FL assume that the HVAC units only help to cool and heat their homes. While temperature regulation is a significant part, ventilation is another aspect of HVAC systems. In this post, we shall give you a few facts about why proper ventilation in air conditioners should concern you.

What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation is the exchange of stale indoor air with fresh outside air. The exchange allows you to enjoy better indoor air quality and comfort. While the manual opening of windows helps ventilate rooms in your home, mechanical ventilation systems rely on air ducts and filters.

Helps Keep You Healthy

Poor ventilation is a significant cause of respiratory issues, such as asthma, among dwellers of Kissimmee. Insufficient ventilation increases unwanted pathogens, dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants in your home. However, proper ventilation can help you to avoid these health issues.

Moisture Control

Poor ventilation hinders the disposal of excess moisture in your home, facilitating dampness. Damp areas propagate the development of bacteria and other forms of organic growth. Consequently, you may experience recurring headaches, fevers, and respiratory issues.

Fresh Air

The thought of stale air is sickening in itself. Poor ventilation may lead to high concentrations of dust and other contaminants, pungent odors, and stuffy indoor air. However, good ventilation will help you obtain fresh air for the entire family’s comfort.

How Can You Ventilate Your Home?

You could open your windows when it’s cooler outside, but this can bring in humidity which will make your AC work harder during the heat of the day. The best way to ensure proper ventilation is to have our technicians install a ventilation system. There are several types to choose from, including energy recovery ventilators that precondition the air entering the system.

If you reside in Kissimmee, FL, contact Osceola Air for heating and cooling installation or repairs. We are experts in ductless ACs, indoor air quality and routine HVAC maintenance.

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