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What’s that Sound Coming From My Mini-Split in Celebration, FL?

Ductless mini-splits are popular among property owners, not only for their energy efficiency but also for their quiet operation. They can, however, develop issues that cause the system to produce strange noises as it works. Here are three common sounds that homeowners hear from their ductless mini-split systems in Celebration, FL.

1. Rattling Noises

Loose components within the indoor or outdoor unit can make a rattling sound. This happens when they move around and hit the internal casing when the unit is in operation. For the outdoor unit, this noise may be due to debris, such as small stones or twigs inside the housing.

If you continue using the system with these noises, the loose parts may damage components, requiring expensive repairs. You should thus hire professional repair services. The technician can remove debris, tighten loose components and repair damaged parts.

2. Loud Hissing

Ductless mini-split relies on a refrigerant to cool your home. It circulates in the evaporator and condenser coils. In the indoor unit, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in your home, moves it to the outdoor unit, and releases it into the environment.

Hissing noises within a ductless mini-split occur when there is a refrigerant leak. This can happen when the copper walls in the coils corrode and develop holes. It may also be due to improper system installation or joint defects.

Pressurized refrigerant is in a gaseous state. When it escapes from the system in this form, it makes a hissing sound.

3. Humming Sounds

Humming noises are common in the outdoor unit and may happen when there is a problem with the compressor. The system often makes this sound due to electrical issues. For instance, if the unit is drawing more power than it should, it may overload and produce noise.

Strange noises in your ductless mini-split indicate there is a problem, and you should have a technician fix it. If you need ductess mini-split services, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Osceola Air.

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