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Why Does My AC Keep Freezing Up in Harmony, FL?

The AC is a resourceful appliance for cooling and regulating humidity in both commercial and residential units in Harmony, FL. Freezes on the coils signal a severe problem with the unit that requires immediate attention. Read on to learn about some of the possible reasons your AC unit is freezing up.

Insufficient Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a compound found in the evaporator coils of your AC that assist in thermal transfers. A leakage causes the air pressure in the coils to drop drastically, leading the evaporator temperatures to drop to freezing. Consequently, water droplets condense on the coil and freeze up, forming layers of ice.

The best way to take care of any insufficient refrigerant is by contacting an HVAC professional. They can assess the situation and determine whether it requires a repair, refill or replacement. Scheduling regular maintenance will help ensure your system functions as expected.

Malfunctioned Blower Motor

The blower motor helps push air from your home to the return ducts and back through the supply ducts. The constant airflow also helps the evaporator coil function normally. A fault in the motor hinders proper ventilation to the copper coils, making them freeze.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters ensure clean air circulates in the home by trapping unwanted dirt particles and allergens. Over time, the filters become filthy hindering normal airflow. Reduced airflow circulation deters the proper function of evaporator coils, thereby causing freezing.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line helps direct water from the drip tray outside for removal. When clogged, water backs up to the drip tray beneath the coils. Moreover, the dirt acts as an insulator, making the evaporator freeze.

The major contributors to frozen AC systems are a lack of proper maintenance and dirt buildup. Luckily, residents of Harmony can rely on Osceola Air for proper installations and repairs. We also offer heating solutions, ductwork installations, commercial refrigeration and indoor air quality services, so contact us today.

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